Carlotta Ikeda's workshop

Carlotta Ikeda will be inviting performing artists such as dancers, actors, circus performers and street artists, so opening a door onto her art: Butoh. In this way she hopes to share her experience and, in so doing, develop artistic encounters, encourage fellow artists in their creation, or more simply, exchange while contributing to artistic careers.

The workshop will be held on a fairly regular basis in those cities in France and in Europe where Carlotta Ikeda is touring with the ARIADONE company. Wherever possible Carlotta Ikeda’s International Workshop will be held in the same venues as the artistic projects of the ARIADONE company.

By the end of 2009 it is our aim that the Workshop, though staying mobile, should take up residence in one place (probably in Bordeaux’s area). This residency will make it possible to create shows based on the investigations and encounters made in the workshop, but also allow Carlotta Ikeda, if she wishes, to invite those artists encountered in the course of her travelling workshop to present their works during a performance.

Carlotta Ikeda’s Workshop programmes are as follows :

Research workshops:

The idea is to propose to two or three artists, selected with our partners, to follow a workshop with the dancers of the company. Run by Carlotta Ikeda, these workshops must enable her to keep exploring her dance. At the end, Carlotta Ikeda will fix others meetings with the artists who have caught her eye. There won’t be any precise purpose for these workshops. Nevertheless, Carlotta Ikeda could draw projects out of them (solos or parts for several dancers).

Encounter and experience sharing workshops:

These workshops are open to professional artists outside the company and form part of the performances realised at the venues of the travelling Workshop. It could take the form of an encounter with another troupe in a confrontation of two artistic worlds, leading perhaps to a collaborative project. It could also be a more traditional training session in which Carlotta Ikeda shares her art with artists established in their own field.

Introductory workshops:

These workshops are more traditional training courses. They can be aimed at debutant artists and amateurs or form part of other vocational programmes. Depending on where the Workshop is held these work sessions will either be run by Carlotta Ikeda or by the dancers in the ARIADONE company.

Writing workshops:

Also intended for the ARIADONE company’s dancers, these workshops will be the artistic laboratories for our creations. Depending on the venues where the Workshop is held, work sessions can be made open to professional observers, such as choreographers, dancers and trainee artists.

Rehearsal workshops for the company’s repertoire:

Intended for the ARIADONE company’s dancers, the aim of these workshops is to rehearse the shows in the company’s repertoire. Though by their nature closed to outside participation these public rehearsals can nevertheless enable visitors to gain an insight into Carlotta Ikeda’s working methods.