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Next upcoming dates for the solo UTT :

UTT in Biarritz – Festival le Temps d’Aimer la Danse September 12th at 7 pm – at Colisée

UTT in Limoges – Festival Danse Emoi – December 3rd and 4th at 8.30 pm at Centre Culturel Jean Gagnant :

UTT in Aurillac – December 8th

Ko Murobushi

We are terribly sorry to hear about Mr Ko Murobushi’s death. He is, among other things, the cofounder of the Ariadone Company, choreographer of numerous pieces for Carlotta Ikeda and her dancers. Our most sincere thoughts go with his family and team.
« UTT » will now be the testimony for both Carlotta San and Ko San. Their legacy is still alive, their dance will not be forgotten.




The Ariadone Company will present Carlotta Ikeda’s last work, the new version of the solo « UTT » (choreographed by Ko Murobushi) danced by Maï Ishiwata. On the 28th ant 29th of May 2015 at the Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris.
Tickets already available! ‪#‎dance‬ ‪#‎butoh‬

Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda - "UTT" Photo: F.Desmesure

Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda – « UTT »
Photo: F.Desmesure

Carlotta Ikeda 1941 – 2014

Carlotta Ikeda passed away on the night of the 24th of september 2014,  as the result of a long illness, in Bordeaux (France) where she lived and worked for the last 20 years.

Her wish was to leave as discreetly as possible, that’s why no official ceremony will be held.

The Ariadone Company has decided to continue the work on the new solo « UTT », to be achieved on the period from the 10th to the 17th of october 2014 at the GLOB Théâtre in Bordeaux.

We will give more details as soon as possible.



UTT – new creation – october 2014

«UTT is a journey. The path taken by a woman from life to death, or maybe from death to birth.
UTT is a cry, an onomatopoeia, like when you are brutally hit in your stomach.»
Carlotta Ikeda

The Ariadone Company will open the Glob Théâtre’s season with the emblematic solo « UTT », recreated by Carlotta Ikeda for the dancer Maï Ishiwata.

The piece will be played on the 10,11,13,14,15,16, and 17th of october 2014, at 8pm.

More info soon!

Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda photo: Adrien Joubert

Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda
photo: Adrien Joubert

Spring newsletter: « Chez Ikkyû » at the Maison de la Danse of Lyon (France)

Photo Lot

Photo Lot

To read the english newsletter, please click on the following link: http://ariadone.fr/newsletters/mai_14_eng/


Photo Lot

Ariadone/Carlotta Ikeda – « Chez Ikkyû »
Photo Lot

« Chez Ikkyû » will be performed from the 4th to the 6th of June 2014 at the Maison de la Danse of Lyon (France)

3 dancers, 1 Soprano and 1 Koto musician on stage to tell the story of Ikkyû, monk, philosopher and poet of the traditional japanese folklore children tales. A piece for children (from 6 years old) and their families.

Other upcoming dates for this show:  3 and 5 April 2015 at the Auditorium of Musée D’Orsay (Paris).




An exhibition of the photos taken by Frédéric Desmesure during the residency at the Molière-Scène D’Aquitaine in Bordeaux.

« UTT », choreography by Carlotta Ikeda, danced by Maï Ishiwata. Premiere in october 2014 at the GLOB THÉÂTRE in Bordeaux.

From monday to friday, 9.30 pm to 12.30pm and 1.30 am to 5.30 am. Free entrance.


Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda - "UTT" Photo: F.Desmesure

Ariadone / Carlotta Ikeda – « UTT »
Photo: F.Desmesure


Public presentation « Utt »

Today we end our residency at the Molière Theater of Bordeaux, for our last creation « Utt », with a public presentation at 6.30pm.

Many thanks to the Molière and OARA teams, and to the Ateliers Lumière (Bordeaux) for the technical help.


« Rencontres improbables » by Hamid Ben Mahi and Carlotta Ikeda

You can find pictures of the event here: http://www.novartbordeaux.com/photos#jour30

Novart 2013

New residency – « Utt »

Today, we start working on the new solo piece « UTT »

Choreography: Carlotta Ikeda (based on a previous version choreographed with Ko Murobushi)

Dancer: Maï Ishiwata

Partners: OARA Théâtre Molière Scène d’Aquitaine

Technical partner: Ateliers Lumière

Photo Lot Utt 07


Credit: Photo Lot

Carlotta Ikeda’s workshops. Two new dates!

Two new dates confirmed:

 February the 15th 2014,  from 2,30 pm to 5,30 pm. Master class « Initiation to Butoh Dance »
Where: La Mégisserie de Saint Junien (near Limoges, France) www.la-megisserie.fr

For everyone starting from 16 years old.
Please note that the Ariadone Company will perform UCHUU-CABARET the day before, at the same location.

From the 16th to the 20th of June 2014. European research workshop with Carlotta Ikeda.
Where: Le Cuvier Centre for Development of Choregraphy of Aquitaine (Bordeaux)
For professionals only. More info about this workshop very soon! www.lecuvier-artigues.com


Festival NOVART 2013 – Carlotta Ikeda and Hamid Ben Mahi at the CAPC of Bordeaux

The SIGMA exhibition at the Museum CAPC of Bordeaux will end on the 30th of November 2013. On this ocasion, choreographers Hamid Ben Mahi and Carlotta Ikeda will perform a duo at 10 pm, under the title « LES RENCONTRES IMPROBABLES ». Come and see them in action!

Carlotta Ikeda hamid ben mahi


UTT, it’s a breath.
UTT, you can’t pronounce it, it slips through your teeth. you breath it a bit like a «hush!» but without the «sh».
It’s between silence and speech, like a newborn scream or the last sigh of a dying person; you liven up and then you expire through breathing.

UTT is a solo because you come to this world alone and you leave it alone, the same way.

Alain Foix

Ariadone - UTT 1

Carlotta Ikeda in 1981 (Photo Lot)

Originally created in 1984 by Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda, UTT has been and emblematic piece in the artistic career of the Ariadone Company.
Moved by the desire to transmit her dance and knowledge, Carlotta Ikeda wants to create a new version using both her experience and emotional relationship with this piece and adding the point of view of a young dancer, Maï Ishiwata, who is willing to dig deeper in the art of Ikeda after taking part in the creation of two pieces with the company.
The passing of time and evolution of the contemporary world will add new shades and interpretations to the project, while keeping the striking power and extreme sensitivity of the original solo.

Work in progress – Residency at the Théâtre Molière Scène d’Aquitaine
Public show on Thursday the 12th of December 2013, at 18:30

Ariadone - Maï Ishiwata
Maï Ishiwata


To download the PDF file: UTT 2014 ENG


Partners: Le Cuvier – CDC d’Aquitaine,  L’ Institut départemental de développement artistique et culturel de la Gironde (IDDAC)et l’Office Artistique de la Région Aquitaine (OARA)

Technical partners: Les Ateliers Lumières